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Balega Men's Silver NoShow Socks

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Compression-fit, no-show performance running sock encapsulates antibacterial silver ions in the yarn to keep feet clean, dry, and odor-free;

Drynamix polyester blend features fibers and knit patterns of varying tension to provide compression and support without constricting movement;

Constructed to mimic running shoe design, the silver sock locks in the heel and mid-foot, while allowing the toes to move freely;

Seamless toe box minimizes friction, preventing blisters and chafing; high tab heel and extra deep heel pocket prevents socks from slipping down;

Medium-volume cushioning ensures comfort and durability for extended training and endurance events


  • CONTOURED FIT A sock must fit snugly to ensure no movement on the foot. Movement causes irritation; irritation causes blisters. End of discussion. We offer 4 specific sizes and socks that fit perfectly.
  • DEEP HEEL POCKET Socks creeping down in your shoes - your worst nightmare. Knitting up to 30% more stitches into the heel or adding more heel branches, deepens the heel pocket to ensure your heel is full cupped and protected, and that the lateral stretch from bridge to heel is optimal.
  • PROPRIETARY “DRYNAMIX” MOISTURE MANAGEMENT FIBER - MADE IN THE USA Supersoft moisture management fiber, developed exclusively by Balega, wicks moisture away rapidly, keeping you cool and dry all day long.
  • SEAMFREE COMFORT Seams cause friction, friction causes blisters. Who needs them? Our hand linked toe seams will give you the ultimate in seam-free comfort.
  • VENTILATION PANELS Strategically placed ventilation panels aid in the cooling and wicking process. Need we say more?


  • Material(s): Drynamix Polyester 75%, Nylon 23%, Elastane 2%