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Cobra AM645 Rechargeable Walkie Talkies


Getting ready for your next hike, camping trip or other outdoor activity? This Cobra model has a compact design with up to 8 kilometer range. Voice-activated (VOX) transmission frees hands for other tasks. It has five selectable tones to distinguish between different parties for incoming calls. A total of 2662 channel combinations are available when the 22 channels are combined with the 121 privacy codes (38 CTCSS/83 DCS). These combinations prevent interference from other radios.


  • Up to 8 km range - Provides extended signal range with 2662 channel combinations.
  • Weather resistant
  • VOX - Voice-activated transmission frees hands for other tasks.
  • Call Alert - 5 selectable tones distinguishes between different parties on incoming calls.


      • Weight: 115 g
      • Range: Up to 8km
      • Dimensions: 153.62 x 61.3 x 39.46 mm