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Fire Maple Fire-Fuel Stove & Fuel Bottle Combo


The Fire Maple Fire-FUEL is a Multi liquid Stove whereas benzene, paraffin and unleaded petrol may be utilised instead of the conventional propane / butane gas canisters. This stove has an output of 11200 btu (3275w) that is connected to the pre-heating gas generator tube , continues onto to the flexible fuel line before it connects or is attached to the gas bottle (sold separately).


  • Liquid multi fuel stove
  • Power 3275w with control valve and pressure pump assembly
  • Fuel generator with flame diffuser burner head for improved performance
  • Stove pot support arms Ø180mm
  • Average boil time: 1 liter 3’50”
  • 500ml fuel bottle included (excluding Fuel)
  • Includes plastic storage box with
  • Weight: 321g
  • Size on Folded Unit: Ø180 x 180 x 85mm
  • Size on Unfolded Unit: Ø80 x 80 x 85mm