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    Opinel N°09 DIY Stainless Knife

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    The latest Opinel evolution takes the traditional design and spins it into a DIY knife.

    This heavy duty knife features a 2.2mm thick blade. The two notches on the blade serve as a cable stripper and cable cutter. Also featured are two standard screwdriver bits that fit into magnetized bit holder.

    The ergonomic Opinel handle features a non-slip area (coloured area) and is made from hard polymer and fiberglass for grip.

    Swedish 12C27 modified Sandvik stainless steel is used in the construction of this knife. The addition of chrome means it is extremely anti-corrosive and requires no special maintenance. It has an excellent cutting edge thanks to its 0.40% carbon content.

    Opinel blades are all ground to a convex profile – the blade can be ground efficiently and maintains its robustness. To avoid causing harm to the environment (via transport pollution, deforestation etc), 95% of wooden handles come from French logging.


    • Blade Length: 12C27 MOD Sandvik Stainless Steel 9cm in length and 2.2mm thick.
    • Material(s): Stainless