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    Ticket to the Moon Convertable Bug Net 360º

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    Our Convertible Bug Net 360º completely separates you from mosquitoes and other insects, while remaining compact and lightweight. Your comfort is important, and we promise that bugs will no longer interrupt your greatest adventures. Our net encircles you in a protective barrier. This is especially important while sleeping. A convertible top opens and closes in an instant, even from a stationary position. 


    • The Bug Net 360º has a double zipper and extra-fine mesh, with over 200 openings per square centimeters. Simply put, bugs have no way in. We've successfully tested this net in malaria-plagued regions, though we always recommend Permethrin repellent treatments. Accordingly, this accessory is essential for travelers venturing into the most dangerous corners of the glove. 
    • The TTM Convertible Bug Net 360º is compatible with all hammocks that lack spreader bars. It fits gathered-end hammocks up to 360cm long, thanks to its generous length. It's available in white, black and army green. 


    • Weight: 485g
    • Dimensions: 300 x 130cm
    • Material(s): 100% Polyester Mesh


    Easy to use
    Install your hammock with suspension
    Remove net from pouch and stick your arm through
    Attach mini-biners to hammock end loops
    Draw hammock through net
    Tighten and strings, inserting loose ends into net
    Unzip top to desire position
    Get inside hammock and close zipper
    Thighen top line from inside
    Enjoy your Convertible Bug net 360º!