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    Trail Food Chilli Con Carne - Large

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    Imagine sitting on top of a beautiful hilltop with panoramic views, your body tired yet alive from a day of exploring. The only thing you should be doing is enjoying your surroundings and the moment you find yourself in.

    What could possibly make this experience any better? A mouth-watering bowl of chilli con carne, of course!

    You’ll love this medley of beef mince, red kidney beans, and traditional chilli flavours, along with a substantial serving of basmati rice, from the first scent until your final mouthful.


    Dietary Considerations: MSG free, Preservative free, Additive free; Dairy-free

    • all-natural ingredients
    • 961 calories (M); 1281 calories (L)
    • 59.5 g protein (M), 79.4 g protein (L)

    Packaged Weight: 142 g (M); 182 g (L)

    Meal Includes: Dehydrated chilli con carne and basmati rice

    Required: Boiling water

    Recommended: A fresh chilli to chop into the pot!