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    Trail Food Red Lentil Dhal - Large

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    This versatile curry is one of those must-haves on any trip. The red lentils, veggies, spices, rice, and coconut milk create a perfect blend of flavours.

    You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy this delectable and nourishing dhal treat since the zing of this dish will appeal to any curry lover!

    Mini-rotis, which can also be bought online, make this meal extra fun to tuck into, and your tummy will definitely be satisfied after you’ve devoured this generous serving of curry, ready within minutes.


    Dietary Considerations: Vegan\Vegetarian; MSG free, Preservative free, Additive free; Gluten-free; Dairy-free

    • all-natural ingredients
    • 474 calories (M); 632 calories (L)
    • 18 g protein (M), 24.1 g protein (L)

    Packaged Weight: 140 g (M); 182 g (L)

    Meal Includes: Dehydrated lentil dhal and rice

    Required: Boiling water

    Recommended: Some rotis heated on a rock next to the camp fire!