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First Ascent Finn Lite Fleece Beanie


The Finn Lite fleece beanie offers superior insulation. Technical, yet cozy, this lightweight and breathable design will not distract you from the adventures at hand. The folded band offers unmatched versatility so you can effortlessly elongate the beanie when greater insulattion is needed during colder outdoor excursions. The ideal winter accessory to keep adventure alive, despite the forecast.


  • Therma-Pro lightweight fleece
  • Warmth without the bulk of traditional fleece
  • Folded band for versatility in depth and extra warmth around ears
  • Anti-pilling


  • Material(s): 94% Polyester 6% Spandex
First Ascent Thermapro
ThermaPro fleece offers you all of the warmth without the bulk of traditional fleece, as well as a modern look with a solid finish. The thermally efficient grid design on the inside keeps you warm and toasty, while allowing moisture to escape.