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YakTrax Hand & Body Warmers


Yaktrax® Hand & Body Warmers are a safe, easy, and all-natural solution to dealing with the cold. Once opened and exposed to oxygen in the air, these disposable but environmentally-friendly warmers begin working in just minutes. Hold them in your hands, stuff them in your sleeping bag, or keep them in your pockets to enjoy up to 18 hours of cozy warmth.  Yaktrax Warmers are the ideal choice for outdoorsman, winter athletes, spectators, and anyone who works or plays outdoors.


  • Safe, natural heat
  • Up to 18 hours of heat
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Air-activated
  • Odorless


When exposed to oxygen in the air, the iron filings inside the pouch begin to oxidize creating a rapid rusting process which in turn produces residual heat. Salt acts as a catalyst, while carbon helps to evenly disperse the heat. Vermiculite acts as an insulator that helps prevent the heat from dissipating too quickly.